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    Principles of Neural Science,5/e

    (해외배송 가능상품) 품절
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    상품명 Principles of Neural Science,5/e
    정   가 150,000원
    판매가 135,000원
    적립금 4,050원 (3%)
    저   자 Eric R. Kandel
    출판사 McGaw-Hill
    ISBN   9780071390118
    출판일 2013
    판   형 Hardcover
    수량 수량증가수량감소
    판   수 5/e
    면   수 1760 pages
    배송방법 택배
    배송비 2,500원 (30,000원 이상 구매 시 무료)
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    Deciphering the link between the human brain and behavior has always been one of the most intriguing—and often challenging—aspects of scientific endeavor. The sequencing of the human genome, and advances in molecular biology, have illuminated the pathogenesis of many neurological diseases and have propelled our knowledge of how the brain controls behavior.

    To grasp the wider implications of these developments and gain a fundamental understanding of this dynamic, fast-moving field, Principles of Neuroscience stands alone as the most authoritative and indispensible resource of its kind.

    In this classic text, prominent researchers in the field expertly survey the entire spectrum of neural science, giving an up-to-date, unparalleled view of the discipline for anyone who studies brain and mind. Here, in one remarkable volume, is the current state of neural science knowledge—ranging from molecules and cells, to anatomic structures and systems, to the senses and cognitive functions—all supported by more than 900 precise, full-color illustrations. In addition to clarifying complex topics, the book also benefits from a cohesive organization, beginning with an insightful overview of the interrelationships between the brain, nervous system, genes, and behavior. Principles of Neural Science then proceeds with an in-depth examination of the molecular and cellular biology of nerve cells, synaptic transmission, and the neural basis of cognition. The remaining sections illuminate how cells, molecules, and systems give us sight, hearing, touch, movement, thought, learning, memories, and emotions.

    The new fifth edition of Principles of Neural Science is thoroughly updated to reflect the tremendous amount of research, and the very latest clinical perspectives, that have significantly transformed the field within the last decade.



    -  Contents  -



    PART I: Overall Perspective (Kandel, Hudspeth)
    1. The Brain and Behavior (Kandel, Hudspeth)
    2. Nerve Cells, Neural Circuitry, and Behavior (Kandel, Barres, Hudspeth)
    3. Genes and Behavior (Bargmann, Gilliam)

    PART II: Cell and Molecular Biology of the Neuron (Siegelbaum, Hudspeth)
    4. The Cells of the Nervous System (Schwartz, Barres, Goldman)
    5. Ion Channels (Siegelbaum, Koester)
    6. Membrane Potential and the Passive Electrical Properties of the Neuron (Siegelbaum, Koester)
    7. Propagated Signaling: The Action Potential (Siegelbaum, Koester)

    PART III: Overview: Synaptic Transmission (Siegelbaum, Hudspeth)
    8. Overview of Synaptic Transmission (Siegelbaum, Kandel)
    9Signaling at the Nerve Muscle Synapse: Directly Gated Transmission (Siegelbaum, Kandel)
    10. Synaptic Integration in the Central Nervous System (Siegelbaum, Kandel, Yuste)
    11. Modulation of Synaptic Transmission: Second Messengers (Clapham, Siegelbaum, Schwartz)
    12. Transmitter Release (Siegelbaum, Kandel, Sudhof)
    13. Neurotransmitters (Schwartz, Javitch)
    14. Diseases of Nerve and the Motor Unit (Brown, Cannon, Rowland)

    PART IV: The Neural Basis of Cognition (Hudspeth, Kandel)
    15. The Organization of the Central Nervous System (Amaral, Strick)
    16. The Functional Organization of Perception and Movement (Amaral)
    17. From Nerve Cells to Cognition: The Internal Representations for Space and Action (Kandel)
    18. The Organization of Cognition (Olson, Colby)
    19. Cognitive Functions of the Premotor System (Rizzolatti, Strick)
    20. Functional Imaging of Cognition (Small, Heeger)

    PART V: Perception (Hudspeth)
    21. Sensory Coding (Gardner, Johnson)
    22. The Somatosensory System: Receptors and Central Pathways (Gardner, Johnson)
    23. Touch (Gardner, Johnson)
    24. Pain (Basbaum, Jessell)
    25. The Constructive Nature of Visual Processing (Gilbert)
    26. Low-Level Visual Processing: The Retina (Meister, Tessier-Lavigne)
    27. Intermediate-Level Visual Processing: Visual Primitives (Gilbert)
    28. High-Level Visual Processing: Cognitive Influences (Albright)
    29. Visual Processing and Action (Wurtz, Goldberg)
    30. The Inner Ear (Hudspeth)
    31. The Auditory Central Nervous System (Oertel, Doupe)
    32. Smell and Taste: The Chemical Senses (Buck, Bargmann)

    PART VI: Movement (Hudspeth)
    33. The Organization and Planning of Movement (Wolpert, Pearson, Ghez)
    34. The Motor Unit and Muscle Action (Enoka, Pearson)
    35. Spinal Reflexes (Pearson, Gordon)
    36. Locomotion (Pearson, Gordon)
    37. Voluntary Movement: The Primary Motor Cortex (Kalaska, Rizzolatti)

    38. Voluntary Movement: The Parietal and Premotor Cortex (Rizzolatti, Kalaska)
    39. The Control of Gaze (Goldberg)
    40. The Vestibular System (Goldberg, Hudspeth)
    41. Posture (MacPherson, Horack)
    42. The Cerebellum (Lisberger, Thach)
    43. The Basal Ganglia (Wichmann, DeLong)
    44. Genetic Mechanisms in Degenerative Diseases of the Nervous System (Zoghbi)

    PART VII: The Unconscious and Conscious Processing of Neural Information (Kandel, Siegelbaum, Schwartz)
    45. The Sensory, Motor, and Reflex Functions of the Brain Stem (Saper, Lumsden, Richerson)
    46. The Modulatory Functions of the Brain Stem (Richerson, Aston-Jones, Saper)
    47. The Autonomic Motor System and the Hypothalamus (Horn, Swanson)
    48. Emotions and Feelings (LeDoux, Damasio)
    49. Homeostasis, Motivation, and Addictive States (Shizgal, Hyman)
    50. Seizures and Epilepsy (Westbrook)
    51. Sleep and Dreaming (McCormick, Westbrook)

    PART VIII: Development and the Emergence of Behavior (Jessell)
    52. Patterning the Nervous System (Jessell, Sanes)
    53. Differentiation and Survival of Nerve Cells (Jessell, Sanes)
    54. The Growth and Guidance of Axons (Sanes, Jessell)
    55. Formation and Elimination of Synapses (Sanes, Jessell)
    56. Experience and the Refinement of Synaptic Connections (Jessell, Sanes)
    57. Repairing the Damaged Brain (Sanes, Jessell)
    58. Sexual Differentiation of the Nervous System (Shah, Jessell, Sanes)
    59. The Aging Brain (Jessell, Sanes)

    PART IX: Language, Thought, Affect, and Learning (Kandel, Schwartz)
    60. Language (Kuhl, Damasio)
    61. Disorders of Conscious and Unconscious Mental Processes (C. Frith)
    62. Disorders of Thought and Volition: Schizophrenia (Hyman, Cohen)
    63. Disorders of Mood and Anxiety (Hyman, Cohen)
    64. Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders Affecting Cognition (U. Frith, Happe, Amaral, and Warren)
    65. Learning and Memory (Schacter, Wagner)
    66. Cellular Mechanisms of Implicit Memory Storage and the Biological Basis of Individuality (Kandel, Siegelbaum)
    67. Prefrontal Cortex, Hippocampus, and the Biology of Explicit Memory Storage)

    A. Review of Basic Circuit Theory (Koester)
    B. The Neurological Examination of the Patient (Kriegstein, Brust)
    C. Circulation of the Brain (Brust)
    D. The Blood-Brain Barrier, Choroid Plexus, and Cerebrospinal Fluid (Laterra, Goldstein)
    E. Neural Networks (Seung, Yuste)
    F. Theoretical Approaches to Neuroscience: Examples From Single Neurons to Networks (Abbott, Fusi, Miller.








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